Fixture-Level Energy Savings

Energy Consumption displays energy savings and energy usage for an organization. Energy savings are equal to the difference between the baseline energy consumption and actual energy consumption. The baseline energy consumption can either be determined at the fixture level using the Fixture-Level Energy Savings method or at the floor, building, campus, organization level using the  Contractual Baseline Energy Savings method.  

The Fixture-level Energy Savings is the default method used for calculating energy consumption and savings for a fixture or plugload. Energy savings are calculated against a reasonable estimate of the baseline or on the type of fixture.

Setting Fixture-Level Energy Savings

If a ballast Baseline Load has been determined manually for the ballast, use that value as the baseline for all fixture types with similar ballast. If the ballast Baseline Load has not been defined, then use the Ballast Wattage as the fixture's baseline. See Calculating Baseline for Ballasts (available only for Enlighted) for details.

To set the ballast Baseline Load and Ballast Wattage parameters,

  1. Navigate to Administration and select System Management.
  2. Select the Fixture Type Management tab.


The following screen is displayed, listing the type of ballasts available.

  1. Select the desired ballast and click the Edit button to open the Edit Ballast window.


  1. In the Edit Ballast window, enter the predefined established Ballast Baseline Load value in the Baseline Load field and ignore the remaining fixture type fields.
  2. Click Save to save the information in the database. The system will use the Ballast Baseline Load (predefined established Baseline Load) to calculate energy savings.


  1. If the Ballast Baseline Load has not been defined, then the Ballast Wattage is used as the fixture's baseline. Leave the Baseline Load field empty.
  2. Click Save to save the information in the database.


To view energy savings for a fixture, select the fixture in the Floor plan view and double-click to view the Fixture Details screen.

  1. Select the Energy Summary tab.
  2. Find the Current Baseline savings on the right-hand side of the screen.


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