Assign Facility to a Fixture Type

Manage maintains and tracks the most complete, up-to-date, manufacturer-specific information of fixtures in the fixture database. Refer to the article Adding and Managing Fixtures. 

By default, Fixture Types added to the database are not assigned to facilities, and you may assign any Fixture Type to any sensor in the facility. You can assign Fixture Types to the appropriate Facility hierarchy level, such as a campus, building, or floor. When one or more Fixture Types are assigned to a specific facility level, only the Fixture Types assigned to the facility level are displayed in the drop-down list. If no Fixture Types are assigned to the facility, all Fixture Types are displayed in the drop-down list.

Note: The Desk sensor (fixtureless sensor) is preconfigured as a Fixture Type in the database. You only need to assign the Desk sensor Fixture Type to a facility. Refer to the article Enable Desk Sensors.

To assign a Fixture Type to a facility, navigate to Administration > System Management and select Fixture Type Management > Fixture Type tabs.

Scroll through the fixture types list, select the fixture types, and click the Assign Facility tab in the Action column.


In the Assign Facility pop-up, select a facility and click Save to assign the Fixture Type.


When Fixture Types are assigned to the facility, only the selected fixtures assigned to the facility are displayed in the drop-down list when assigning the Fixture type to one or more sensors. 

Now that you have finished assigning the Fixture Type to a facility begin assigning Fixture Type to sensors. Refer to the article Assigning Fixture Type to Sensors.

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