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Sensors are assigned to a Gateway during commissioning; however, they can be changed to another Gateway within its communication range, assuming that they can currently communicate with the original Gateway. Changing a sensor’s gateway will remove the sensors or fixtures from any groups, such as motion or switch groups. Note that this feature does NOT check whether communication is possible with the newly assigned gateway. It is possible to inadvertently lose communication to the sensor by assigning it to a gateway with which it cannot communicate.

To change the sensor’s gateway,

  1. In the left panel, select a floor from the Facilities tab.
  2. Select the Floor Plan tab.
  3. Select fixtures or sensors on the floor plan (press the Ctrl key to select additional fixtures).
  4. Right-click and choose Change Gateway.


  1. A Change Gateway pop-up shows the currently assigned Gateway for the selected sensors and a drop-down list of all Gateways available on the floor. Select a Gateway from the drop-down list and click Apply.


If the sensors or fixtures do not belong to a motion or switch group, a confirmation message is displayed, indicating that the Gateway has been successfully changed.

If the sensors or fixtures belong to a motion or switch group, the group names are displayed in a window, as shown below. Click the group to see details or make changes and then close it to continue changing the Gateway.


  1. Click Yes to confirm changing the Gateway. A confirmation message is displayed indicating that the Gateway has been successfully changed.

The link provides the status details of all selected sensors and their names, MAC addresses, and status of each sensor. Use the filter option to sort and view the list of sensors based on their status: Successful or Unsuccessful.

  • Successful - The sensor has been successfully changed to the gateway.
  • Unsuccessful - The old gateway cannot reliably communicate with the sensor. If that is the case, you may want to temporarily add a hopper, change the gateway, and then remove the hopper.

It is also possible to successfully assign a sensor to a gateway to which it cannot communicate. Hence, you always want to verify that the new gateway is within the sensor's communication distance before changing its gateway.


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