Commission Sensors

Ensure the following prerequisites have been taken before you start commissioning a sensor.

  1. Sensors to be added are Discovered.
  2. Make sure that the Fixture Type exists in the database. Refer to the article Add Fixture Type
  3. Assign facility to a Fixture Type.  
  4. Assign Fixture Type to a sensor.  
  5. Also, ensure that the corresponding light profile  exists or create it if necessary. See Create or Edit Profile.

NOTE: The Desk Sensor is already preconfigured as a Fixture Type in the Manage Fixture Type database. You only need to assign the 'Desk Sensor' Fixture Type to a facility. Refer to the article Enable Desk Sensors before proceeding to commission  them. 

Commissioning Sensors

To commission one or more sensors,

  1. Click Facilities > Floor in the left navigation panel. 
  2. Click on the Devices > Sensors tabs to view the list of sensors.
  3. Select a sensor and click the Commission button in the Action column. 
  4. If you are commissioning one or more sensors, select the Sensors from the list and click Bulk Commission.  


In the resulting window,

  1. Select the Gateway selected during the sensor discovery process and click OK to continue. Note that the Select a Gateway option will not be available when you commission a single sensor.


The fixtures that have been discovered by the Gateway dim their lights.

In the Commission and Place Fixtures screen, iterate through the following steps.

  1. Click on the sensor in the Others list box.
  2. Click Identify. This turns off the light of the associated fixture, turns the light to full-on, and then dims. Note: For fixtureless sensors, the sensor's blue LED light turns off and remains blue solid
    • Attempt to locate the fixture or sensor on the ceiling. Strobe the fixture using laser light. This turns on the light of the associated fixture.

Note: For fixtureless sensors, the sensor's blue LED light turns off.

  1. Strobing the sensor removes the sensor from the Others list and moves it to the Strobed list.
  2. Assign a Fixture Type from the drop-down list.
  3. Assign a Fixture Profile.
  4. Right-click the sensor on the floor plan where the sensor needs to be placed and select Commission and Place in the pop-up to commission the sensor. After placement, you can also drag the sensor to its actual location on the floor plan if needed.
  5. Repeat the process for the next sensor in the list until the sensors that need to be associated with that particular Gateway are commissioned and placed on the floor plan. When all sensors have been commissioned and placed, click Done to close.


The sensors table is updated, and the Status column shows that the sensors have been successfully commissioned, as shown below. The LED on the sensors blinks green, confirming that the sensors have been commissioned. The fixtureless sensors blink green when motion is detected.


After Commissioning

For upgrading the sensor firmware after commissioning the sensors, refer to the Automatic Firmware Image Upgrade process. Refer to the Change Gateway article if you need to change the Gateway with which the sensors communicate, 

If you need to move the sensor to another floor or a sub-floor,  decommission the sensor and then commission the sensor to another floor. To decommission a sensor, please submit a ticket or contact Enlighted support.

Warning: Do Not use the Delete option to delete or decommission a sensor.  



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