Add Sensors

After an organization is set up and at least one gateway is added to Enlighted Manage, you can add sensors to the system. Enlighted supports two types of sensors: Fixture and Fixtureless sensors. 

Fixture: The fixture sensors control lighting.

Fixtureless sensors: These sensors are not connected to any fixture, and hence, they do not control lighting. Fixtureless sensors are used to collect data for improving the accuracy of Enlighted applications, such as Location Intelligence and Space, for real-time location services and mapping for asset tracking and occupancy-based utilization. The fixtureless sensors can be used to provide motion triggers as part of a motion group. Desk sensors are a type of fixtureless sensors used for detecting and streaming occupancy status. 

The sensors are configured to be Fixture or Fixtureless when they are added as a Fixture Type to the Manage database. Note that the Desk Sensor is preconfigured as a Fixture Type in the Manage Fixture Type database. You only need to assign the 'Desk Sensor' Fixture Type to a facility. Refer to the article Enable Desk Sensors.

The procedure for adding sensors includes:

     •  Discovering Sensors
     •  Commissioning Sensors

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