Enlighted offers two types of switches. Refer to the corresponding switch FAQ section.


Signal Propagation


Do you need to write down the numbers on the back of the ERC?

No, this information is not necessary to program the ERC with the sensors. 

How would you know if the ERC is ready for programming?

The red and green status LEDs on the front of the ERC indicate its status.  For details, see the ERC installation guide.

When is Enlighted going to create better-looking wall switches?

We have new switch models under development. We anticipate launching some new models in late 2019 or early 2020.                            

What is the function of the AUTO button?

Resets the light to the light level expected under the current lighting profile settings. See the Behavior of the ERC Auto Button in a Manual-on Switch Group

Why do all the sensors in a group have to be connected to the same gateway, and doesn't Enlighted support switch groups across multiple gateways?

This is a limitation of Enlighted's network, as group communication between sensors can only occur on the channel assigned to the sensor by the gateway. Sensors on different gateways are on different channels and cannot communicate with each other.

Do you have a wired switch option?

Enlighted is working on a wired switch solution. We expect to have something later in 2019 or early 2020. The mains-powered smart switch is targeted for mid-2020.

Does Enlighted have an ERC that is splash-proof/waterproof?

Enlighted ERCs are not waterproof nor have an IP rating.

Can we create a Scene on a switch that would allow users to turn off fixtures in the front of the room while keeping the rear fixtures on?    

Manage allows up to six scenes to be programmed for a switch (as well as changing the order of scenes) with a discrete level of control for each fixture. See the article Creating a Scene for more information.

If it is an Enlighted One project, you are limited to a single zone of control at a unified level with four preset dim levels. Refer to the article Lighting Behavior

What is the max distance between a wireless wall switch and a sensor?

Generally, 30 feet is safe, but with a clear line of sight and new ERC batteries, you can go up to 75 feet. However, wireless connectivity depends on the physical and RF environment. Do not exceed more than 50 feet with a clear line of sight. Programming a sensor as a hopper within the switch group can improve performance if there are any issues.

When the Enlighted system controls the lights, is ERC the only option to switch on/off specific lights (without motion detection)? Is there any other option besides an ERC to control lights?
The following options can be considered in addition to or as an alternative for the use of the ERC to control the lights.
Preferred options:

  • Using BACnet to control on/off lights
  • Use API to control on/off lights

Non-preferred (but possible) options:

  • If a wired switch is allowed, introduce a regular manual wall switch between the Control Unit's AC output and the light fixtures to control the specific light fixture or a set of light fixtures.
  • Use a contact closure device (Barix Contact Closure) connected as an input from a physical switch; set up a group, where a scene corresponds to which lights in a group are on and off. The setup might require multiple physical switches connected to multiple inputs on the contact closure device, each corresponding to a specific scene, each scene for a particular light that can be turned on or off.

Does Enlighted have a touch screen interface to control "scenes" in a conference room they recommend? Is there any list of approved/tested touch screens and the spec/parameters needed?

Enlighted doesn’t have a touch screen interface. There is no list of approved touch screens currently. If the customer wants to integrate the scenes via a Crestron panel, work with a Crestron integrator to enable this feature and complete the integration. Enlighted has successfully integrated and performed client installation with the Crestron CP3N processor, TSW-760 touch panels, and C2N-CBD-P button panels.

Refer to Third-party Integration.

Can the backplate of an Enlighted Room Control switch be painted a different color?

No. The paint does not last. You could try wrapping them in vinyl; however, both these options have neither been tried nor tested.

When will we have a 120V power supply for the ERC?

The 120V Battery-less, wireless switch is currently planned for release in Q1 2021, and the wired switch in the first half of 2021.

What is the suggested range of the ERC?

The ERC range can be up to 150 ft, but that is under ideal “open field” conditions and depends on the sensor model being communicated with.  In an office environment, the range may be substantially reduced below this 150 ft ideal.  Enlighted recommends that the ERC be within the 50’ line-of-sight range to the closest sensor in a switch group controlled by that ERC.  Other sensors in the switch group can be further away as the sensor closest to the ERC will re-transmit messages from the ERC to sensors in the switch group that are further away.

Wireless line-of-sight range from ERC to the closest sensor:

  • Micro sensor (SU-5E): 50 ft/15m
  • High Bay Sensor/Ruggedized sensor (SU-5S): 75ft/22m

Wireless line-of-sight range between sensors:

  • Micro sensor (SU-5E): 75 ft/22m
  • Surface Mount/Ruggedized sensor (SU-5S): 150 ft/45m
  • ERC Spec Sheet: Wireless Range: up to 150 ft. (46 m) radius open field range

Can the same ERC be assigned to multiple switch groups?

No. One ERC can be assigned to only one switch group.

Signal Propagation

Is an ERC button press signal capable of propagating among sensors in a switch group? Can, for example, an ERC control a 100-foot-long corridor?

Yes. When the ERC button is pressed, a message is broadcast, and any sensor within range can listen to the ERC and determine whether or not the ERC message received belongs to the same switch group. The sensor determines whether to execute or ignore the message based on the switch group. In the case of a 100-foot-long hallway, divide the hallway into two smaller sections and use two ERCs.

Is it possible for a hopper sensor signal to propagate from ERCs?

Yes. Hopper sensors with firmware version 5.1.64 or above will be able to broadcast ERC messages. 


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