Adding Gateways

Gateways forward messages to and from sensors and Manage. You can add Gateways to an on-premise or Manage in the Cloud (EMC) server. For EMC, you will have to register the Gateway to the Cloud. Please contact Enlighted Support to do that for you. 

The Gateways are automatically discovered and added when the DHCP server provides their IP addresses. If this is the case, skip Adding Gateways, and refer to  Discovering Gateways.  When the customer provides the DHCP address, the Gateways are added manually to Manage. Refer to the process below for Adding Gateways.

Before Adding a Gateway,

  • Ensure that the organization tree with the required floor and floor plan image exists, and it appears in the Facilities left panel. If it does not appear, it means that the floor has not been added to Manage. Refer to the article Add a Floor.
  • For each Gateway, the Gateway ethernet cable must be connected to the PoE switch and verify if the PoE switch and Gateway LEDs are blinking. Refer to the Gateway LED Status in the Install Guide.
  • Verify Gateway network settings. Refer to the article Assigning Network IP Addresses (On-premise Manage). Gateways can either be added manually or automatically discovered and added by Manage. When the customer provides the DHCP address, the Gateways are added manually to Manage.
  • To add Gateways to an on-premise Manage, you need to know the IP and MAC addresses ahead of time. Please coordinate with your IT manager to determine the MAC addresses for all gateways, create an excel file with the MAC and IP addresses, and save it as a .csv file. When the MAC address is entered or pasted into the input field, the address is automatically formatted with colons as the user inputs it.
  • For Cloud-hosted Manage (EMC), you need only the MAC address since the customer will provide the Gateway IP addresses via their DHCP.

To add Gateways to a floor,

  1. Select the floor in the Facilities tree.
  2. Click on Devices
  3. Click on the sub-tab Gateways.
  4. Click on the Add Gateway button.


Add Gateway to an On-prem Manage 

  1. To add a Gateway to an on-premise Manage, type or copy the 12-digit MAC address and IP address  in the input fields. The MAC address is automatically formatted with colons as the user inputs it.
  2. To add multiple gateways, click Bulk Upload. Then, upload the appropriate .csv file that contains both the MAC and IP addresses.
  3. Click Add.


Add Gateway to Manage in the Cloud (EMC)

To add a Gateway to Manage in the Cloud, you will enter only the MAC address. The Customer  provides the IP address for the Gateway. To add multiple gateways, click Bulk Upload. Upload the appropriate .csv file with only the MAC addresses.

After the .csv file is uploaded, review and edit the details to resolve duplicate IP or MAC addresses, and then click Add.


Confirm Gateway is Added

A success message appears confirming that the Gateways are added. It takes 10-12 minutes for all Gateways to be added to the queue. After the Gateways are added to the list, the status for each Gateway is displayed as follows:    

  • DISCOVERED – Gateway has been added to the queue. You are now ready to discover and commission the Gateways. 
  • PENDING – Gateway is yet to be included in the queue. Give it a few minutes.
  • FAILED – Gateway failed to be added.

If a Gateway fails, check the IP address in the Gateway Details window, and verify cables and network settings. Contact Enlighted Support to ensure that the Gateway has been registered in the Cloud for the cloud-hosted server.


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