Sensor License

The Sensor License enable communication between the Enlighted Manage and commissioned sensors. Sensor License is required for Enlighted Gen 5 or newer sensors commissioned to the system. When the number of commissioned Gen 5 or newer sensors exceeds the quantity of active Sensor Licenses, the system will enter an out of compliance state.

The following Sensor License is available:

Connected Lighting to IoT License (EM-CL2IoT-SU)

The Enlighted Sensor License tier enables users to realize the full value of sensor data via Enlighted's applications and advanced occupancy and location APIs. Sensor Licenses are also required to enable BLE on Enlighted's sensors.

All Gen 5 or newer sensors commissioned to Manage must be enabled with the appropriate license. For example, if a customer has commissioned 5,000 Gen 5 sensors and 1,000 Gen 4 sensors on a given Manage server and wants to enable BLE beaconing on any of the commissioned sensors, the customer needs to install at least 5,000 IoT sensor licenses on Manage.

See Request License for purchasing additional sensor licenses. Refer to the article License Management for an overview of how licenses are managed. 

Upload Sensor Licenses:

When Sensor Licenses are purchased and successfully uploaded, the License Management screen displays the type and quantity of active sensor licenses and the quantity of commissioned Gen 5 or newer sensors commissioned to the system.

For instructions about how to upload a license, see Upload License.

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