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Network Security

Installation, Communication, Connectivity, and Networking

What are the brand and server details of Enlighted Manage servers?

Manage EM-1500 (EM-2-02)
Management Appliance includes the license for 1000 sensors.

Allows the addition of licenses to support up to 1500 Sensors.

Lanner LEC-7230. Intel Celeron J1900 2.0 GHz, 64 GB SSD. Mounting bracket. Power adapter 120/240V. 

Midrange EM-5000 (EM-2-03)
Management Appliance includes the license for 1000 sensors.

Allows the addition of licenses to support up to 5000 Sensors.

Lanner LEC-7070. 2 x Intel Core i7-3517UE, 1.7 GHz, 128 GB SSD. Mounting bracket. Power adapter 120/240V. 

Enterprise Manage (EM-03-01)

Management Appliance includes the license for 5000 sensors. It allows the addition of licenses to manage up to 18000 sensors (10,000 sensors with BACnet points).

Dell PowerEdge R440 Rack Server. 4 x Intel Xeon Silver 4112, 2.6 GHz. 6 x 600 GB Hard Drives. Includes NEMA 5-15P to C13 Wall Plug, 125 Volt, 15 AMP, 10 Feet (3m), Power Cord, North America.

Which protocol standards does Manage support?

The following standards are supported: Ethernet/IP,DHCP,HTTPS,TLS 1.2,NTP, BACnet/IP  

Which Internet of Things (IoT) communication protocols does Manage use?

As an edge device manager and data aggregator, the Manage server communicates using TLS connections with Enlighted Gateways.

Which wired or wireless building control system communication protocols does Manage use? 

The Enlighted BACnet/IP provides integration between the Enlighted lighting system and any BACnet compatible Building Management System (BMS). The BMS with BACnet/IP capability can integrate, monitor, manage, and control the Enlighted lighting system through Group and Individual points, configured via BACnet. See Configuring BACnet Interface and refer to the BACnet Interface for Enlighted Systems-PICS.

Does any information enter or leave Manage via any other (including proprietary) protocols? 

When cloud-connected, Manage sends data to the Enlighted Cloud via a TLS connection.

Does Manage support any naming convention/meta-tagging implementations? 

Manage allows for sensor naming, but no data is kept on specific users and or occupants.

Does Manage process any confidential data (e.g., individually identifiable data - e.g., cameras, microphones, phones)  

The Manage server does not process PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

What are the electrical characteristics of the Manage server device? 

  • 12 VDC power
  • Standby Power 7.36 W 
  • Operational Power 11.43 W 

Can Manage synchronize to an NTP server? 


What wired network speeds does the Manage server support? 

10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet

Do I need a VMware license for the Enterprise Manage?

Yes. A free license to VMware vSphere Hypervisor 6.7 is available at

Can the on-prem Manage communicate to third party systems via both BACNET and APIs at the same time? 

Yes, Manage can communicate. 

What is Hard metering?

Hard (Hardware) metering is the energy data calculated using the driver and ballast in the fixture. Refer to the article Energy Metering with Enlighted Sensors.

What is Soft metering?

Soft (Software) metering is the energy data calculated by Manage based on the fixture's dimming level and profile. This requires a Power-Volt (PV) map to be uploaded to Manage. Most of the driver/ballast manufacturers provide the PV map. Refer to the article Setting up Soft Metering.


Can customers manage passwords and backup?

Yes, Facility administrators can govern Manage user access. Facility administrators should be able to download and restore the backup if needed.

Does Manage implement a network configuration/provisioning system?

 Manage provides DHCP IP addresses to Enlighted Gateways. See Network and IT Design Guidance and Assigning Network IP Addresses (for on-premise Manage Server)

Does Manage have the capability to store/retain any historical/trend data? Describe what data is stored and how long it is retained on the device.

Data is retained for 45 Days on the local server. The data is also compressed and stored in the cloud for extended data availability.

Does Manage provide an open and documented application programming interface (API) and web services that can be consumed by third-party applications? Provide details on what elements of Manage are exposed and any functionality which is not via APIs. 

  • API access to Manage is supported. BACnet is also supported but requires a license agreement. See Procuring Licenses and BACnet License (for on-premise Manage).

  • Access is provided to sensor data, including energy usage, temperature, and dimming levels per fixture and area level. Current occupancy status is provided at an area level. Additionally, lighting override is provided at a per fixture, area-level, and scene control offered for logical groups configured in Manage. See APIs Overview.

What type of user interface does Manage provide for end-user interaction? 

The Enlighted system provides a web GUI for administration and monitoring of the lighting system. The interface allows users to manage device and lighting configuration for the system. Additionally, it allows users to monitor device status and perform administrative functions like firmware updates, backups, etc. See Manage System Admin Guide.

Does Manage log all events?

Yes. Manage provides standard logs available in Linux as well as logs that are proprietary in our operating system.

Can I show the energy savings of your system on a TV in the lobby? 

Yes. You can show the savings of your system on a TV in the lobby.

Why can't I integrate the Enlighted system with another lighting system through the UI?  

As the Enlighted system is open, many partners choose to do such integrations with the Enlighted API. We haven't had any requests to do so via a User Interface as the API provides a more scalable and flexible integration solution. That said, Enlighted would be happy to work with 3rd parties that want to use our API to create a UI to facilitate integrations with other lighting systems. 

Does your system work with an Astronomical clock?

Yes, this feature is supported in Gen 4 and Gen 5 sensors. See Understanding Profile Basic Attributes.

Does your system work with Circadian Rhythm? 

Yes, this feature is supported in Gen 5 sensors controlling a Tunable White fixture. See Configuring Tunable White article.

If we do not have the final floor plan, can Enlighted change it later?

Yes. Contact Enlighted customer support. They provide this service.

How is the Energy Savings Report generated in Manage?

Refer to the article View Energy Consumption for information on viewing energy consumption and savings with flexible data analysis and customizable time Intervals in manage.

Do we have a Spec Sheet for ENCL-EM/FAN?

Yes. The part code ENCL-EM/FAN is an enclosure for Manage and PoE switch. This is a third-party box that we ship for installing Manage. Refer to the article Enclosure for Manage and PoE Switch.


Network Security

Does Manage implement certificate/API key-based authentication to access the data through the web services API? 

Yes. Manage implements API key-based authentication to access data via APIs. See User Authentication

Does Manage support authentication through the exchange of keys during device provisioning and certificate-based authentication? 

Yes. During the initial setup and cloud connection, a certification process has to be successfully configured.  

Can the certificate authority credentials be revoked/rotated in the event of a compromise? 

The Enlighted Security team can revoke the certification.

Does Manage support TLS encryption on a shared medium networking stack (e.g., Ethernet, WiFi) 

Yes. Manage supports TLS 1.2.

How is authentication/access to configuration settings and firmware updates managed? 

Only users with administrative roles can perform these actions.

Will *all* access credentials be provided and be fully configurable? 

Access privileges and access control are in place and can be configured to give different users different security levels for access.

How are ‘engineering’ or ‘factory’ credentials managed? 

All default credentials are changed per Enlighted best practices. Manage enforces a password change for the default administrative user.

Can Manage communicate with any external services (e.g., phone-home functionality or update services) 

Manage can be configured to send data to the cloud. This has to be initiated by the user as this is not something that it does automatically.

If Manage supports communication with external servers, can this be fully disabled? 

Yes. Remote access is needed to enable additional application support but can be disabled at any time. Manage can maintain an optional diagnostics connection via an SSH connection from Manage outbound the Enlighted Cloud. This connection can be disabled or restricted by firewalls with no effect on core system functionality.

Does Manage have any connectivity options available that may bypass the network firewall (e.g., tunneling/VPN options, 3G/4G cellular connectivity)

Yes. 4G modems and tunneling are possible. The use of 4G is at the customer's discretion. Tunneling is used for an optional diagnostic connection. The connection is recommended to allow for remote support but can be disabled or enabled as needed.

If Manage uses non-IP wireless technology how is information exchanged between the network interface (wired or wireless) from the non-IP wireless communications? 

This communication is done at layer 2. The traffic communicates with the sensors across 802.15.4 then through the Enlighted Gateway at which it is converted to Wired Ethernet.

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