Micro Sensor, 8-pin, (SU-5E)

The Enlighted Micro Sensor, 8-pin, is our fifth-generation sensor, delivering all the functionality of our other sensors in a minimally sized package.

Spec Sheet

View or download the Micro Sensor, 8-pin, Spec Sheet: English rev.20 | German rev.19  

Install Guide

Other Installation Options

If you have purchased the Hard Ceiling Mount Carrier (HCMC-SU-5E) as an optional component for installing the sensor, refer to the following articles:

The Mounting Case provides a flexible solution for mounting the SU-5E Micro Sensor on a variety of surfaces either attached directly to or separate from a lighting fixture.

The Micro Sensor Blinder (MASK-SU-5e-50) is an accessory that can be ordered with Gen 5 Micro Sensors (SU-5E) to customize the Passive Infrared (PIR) Field of View (FoV). This accessory is shipped as a 50-piece multipack of 25 pieces of Half Mask blinders and 25 pieces of crescent Half Mask blinders.





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