Configure Tunable White - Prerequisites

The Enlighted’s Tunable White feature allows users to adjust or modify the color temperature of Tunable White LED fixtures to help achieve the desired color tuning within specified parameters. Having the ability to color tune lights based on employees’ needs and preferences increases their productivity and focus.

Note: Tunable White feature is supported in Enlighted sensors with firmware version 5.4 or higher.

The Enlighted system supports both:

  • Analog (0-10V) Drivers: Requires the FMT (Fixture Manufacturer Table) to be uploaded, and this is a manual process. The FMT needs to be uploaded in Manage. Hence, the Digital 2-wire DT8 is the most preferred method.
  • Digital 2-wire DALI Type 8 (DT8) Drivers: When a DT8 (digital) driver is used, the FMT is not required since the color information is provided by the driver from values stored in the driver by the fixture manufacturer. Enlighted Manage system automatically detects that the driver is a DT8, Tunable White, downloads the FMT, and associates it with the Fixture Type, enabling the Tunable White controls. The CCT values stored in the driver know the proper range for the controls, eliminating the need for an FMT.

Recommended Prerequisites:

  1. Check that all sensor firmware is version 5.4 or higher. Click Devices > Sensors to view the firmware version in the Sensor Details table. The Version column lists the sensor firmware.


  1. For Analog drivers,  contact the respective Fixture Type manufacturer to obtain the FMT file in .xml or .bin format and upload the file. Refer to the article Uploading Fixture Manufacturer Table (FMT) to Fixture Type. Skip this step for DT8 drivers.
  2. Assign the Fixture Types to a floor, building, or campus facility. To begin assigning Fixture Types, read Assigning Facility to a Fixture Type.
  3. Assign the Fixture Type to sensors on a floor. Refer to the article Assigning Fixture Type to Sensors.
  4. To control the color temperature of Tunable White fixtures with scenes, see Creating a Scene with Tunable White.
  5. To adjust the color temperature, see Adjusting the Color Temperature

Note: Configuring Tunable White is not supported for sensors with firmware version 5.3 and below. See Adjusting the Color Temperature for a Sensor with Firmware Version below 5.3.

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