Automatic Image Upgrade for Sensors

NOTE: Only Administrators are allowed to do a firmware image upgrade.

An automatic firmware image upgrade is available only for sensors. For all other device image upgrade, refer to the Manual Firmware Image Upgrade for Sensors, Gateways, and Other Devices.

You can schedule an automatic firmware image upgrade of sensors to occur on specific days and time for multiple floors at a time.  The sensors will be upgraded to the most up-to-date firmware available in  Manage using the Compatibility List paths.


  1. Please read the Release Notes, and download the latest sensor or device firmware image, and save it to your system.
    NOTE: Only partners and customers with sign-in will be able to download firmware images.
  2. Add the firmware image file to Manage before scheduling an automatic firmware image upgrade.
  3. Download and Add the XML Compatibility List to Manage. This file checks to see if you can upgrade the sensors to the new version. A warning message will be displayed if you try to upgrade sensor firmware via a path that is not in the XML Compatibility List. 
  4. Before upgrading a sensor, turn off the BLE scan mode on the sensors to minimize the chances of errors for a successful upgrade.  

Upgrading the Firmware

Follow these steps to upgrade the firmware image automatically to the sensors:

  1. Go to Administration-> Firmware Upgrade.
  2. Click Auto-Upgrade Settings


3. Click Edit to edit settings.

4. Select one or more floors in the Facilities left panel.

5. Check Auto-Upgrade On to enable auto-upgrade of firmware for the selected floors.

6. Choose days of the week the firmware upgrade jobs should start when new firmware is available.

7. Choose a start time for the upgrade to start.

8. Set the maximum duration for the upgrade jobs to finish. The maximum duration must be between 1
    and 24 hours.

9. Click Apply to save the details for auto-upgrade.

The sensor will be upgraded to the most up-to-date firmware available using the paths in the Compatibility List on the next scheduled day and time. In some cases, multiple upgrades will occur automatically to get to the most up-to-date firmware. Manage will continue upgrading all the sensors on all selected floors until all sensors have the most up-to-date firmware. After three failed attempts to upgrade a sensor during the scheduled upgrade time, the sensor will additionally be set to upgrade the next time that the sensor reboots.

NOTE: If the upgrade does not finish within the maximum duration, the upgrade will stop and then continue at the next scheduled start day and time.

To view the status of the firmware upgrade, see Viewing Job History and Device Firmware Upgrade Status.

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