Viewing Job History and Device Firmware Upgrade Status

You can monitor the firmware upgrade status of a device in the Firmware Upgrade screen. Navigate to Administration -> Firmware Upgrade.

In the Firmware Upgrade screen, click the Upgrade Job History tab to view the firmware image upgrade process's status. If the upgrading job fails, a Resubmit Now button appears in the Action column. Click Resubmit Now to upgrade the devices on which the upgrade failed immediately regardless of whether the upgrade was initiated automatically or manually.

The system automatically restarts the upgrade on the devices that failed, and the status for that job changes to Fail Retried. Continue the process until all devices in the selected job are upgraded. Clicking Abort cancels the job. To view the upgrade status of individual devices within a job, click on the Job Name.


The Job Name expands, showing each device's upgrade status within the job in the Status column.


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