Upload Firmware File to Manage

The software running on a sensor, gateway, ERC, or plugload is called a firmware image. Each device has a specific type of firmware file that is replaced when a  firmware is upgraded. Only a System Admin can update firmware images on devices. 


  1. Please read the Release notes, download the latest sensor firmware file, and save it to your system. Only registered partners and customers will be able to access and download firmware images.
  2. All approved sensor firmware image upgrade paths for sensors are listed in the Firmware Compatibility List. Download and add the XML Compatibility List to Manage before upgrading the sensor firmware to determine if you can upgrade the sensors to the new version. A warning message is displayed if you try to upgrade sensor firmware via a path that is not in the Compatibility list. 

Upload Firmware File to Manage

To add or upload the Firmware image file to Manage,

  1. Go to Administration-> Firmware Upgrade.
  2. Click the Add Firmware button to upload the image file. The firmware image files are extracted and listed in the Available Firmware Images for each device type.


If you have more than one image file to be uploaded, repeat the process until all image files are uploaded. You can then either perform a manual firmware upgrade or schedule an automatic firmware upgrade to occur on specific days and times for multiple floors at a time. 

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