Network and Security Audit Process

Review the Enlighted Network documents given below to respond to the customer's network and security audit requirements. 


For customers who would like to connect using one of Enlighted's on-premise or Cloud (eCloud) deployment options, the Enlighted Networking Options document provides an overview of how the Enlighted components network together and the protocols used to address encryption and security concerns that our customers typically have. The network topology diagrams describe the available network connectivity methods. These documents can be shared with the customer to review all the network connectivity possibilities.

Step 2:

Once the network connectivity option is agreed upon and worked into the design, the customer typically provides a security audit questionnaire for Enlighted to respond. Each customer has their own version typically, but most questions are common and these are consolidated in the generic Security Audit Questionnaire for reference.

For questions that are not addressed in one of the above documents, contact Enlighted Customer Support.

Step 3:

If the customer requests to see results of the security scans with Enlighted software, the Qualys OS and Application Web Scan Results are available and can be shared with the customer. 


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