Network & Security Audit D​​​​​ocuments​

As more and more customers are added to Cloud, it becomes imperative to have a process ready to respond to customer audit requirements. Typically, each customer has their own network audit process/questionnaire and the documents available here will be the guides to go through the process. ​​​​​


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​Network Security Audit Process 

Network & Security Audit Process ​Please start here - describes the process of going through the Security Audit Process
​Enlighted Network Design  Network and IT Design Guidance
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​End-to-End Networking design guidelines with Manage in the Cloud and all the on-premise  deployment options
Sensor, Gateway, and on-premise Manage Security Enlighted Security.pdf Security process for sensors to Gateway communication and on-premise Manage.
Customer Audits  
​​Generic Security Audit Responses ​Generic Security Review Requirements Questionnaire - Enlighted Response v2.0 ​Please start here - a consolidated list of all the typical questions that are asked in Security Audit Questionnaires

Enlighted Manage in the Cloud is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. To understand Google’s security measures, click on the following link

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