Quick Daylight Response FAQ

By default, the fixture adjusts its light during the daylight harvesting process slowly so that it does not really attract occupants' attention. Is there a way that ambient light (daylight) influences the light level of the fixture immediately and very quickly (within one or two seconds)?

For individual daylighting, it can be quite fast (seconds).
For daylight groups, it occurs more slowly (over minutes).

Generally, the lights will brighten faster than they will dim. In some cases with motion and complete darkness, they may brighten immediately.

The dimming process also can take up to 30s or a minute at an individual fixture. Is there a feature in EM to enable a more ‘real-time’ reaction?

This can be set in the advanced profile setting for individual daylight harvesting (not daylight groups). The two settings shown below work in tandem, i.e., if you change the highlighted value from default 10 seconds to 1 second, it can be quite disconcerting to occupants as every slight change in light will affect the light levels and then, the occupants will be stuck with the change for the next 10 minutes. If you change both values, the cycling of light can be quite annoying to the users. The time period of 10 seconds and 10 minutes is recommended. Customers may think they want a fast response to daylight, but actually, Enlighted differentiates by ensuring consistent light changes before making a change. A delay ensures a prolonged light change rather than having a fast response time.

Perhaps 5 seconds and 5 minutes is a good compromise for more aggressive response time.

To change the settings for a fixture, select a fixture from the floor plan and double-click to view the Fixture Details window. Select the Profile tab and scroll down to view the Advanced menu. 


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