Configure Demand Response and Holiday Behavior

Demand Response (DR) and Holiday override contribute to energy load reduction and savings during peak demand time and public holidays. This section helps you configure a Demand Response (DR) and Holiday override event to meet energy load reduction during peak hours.

For the override to take effect, please note the values entered in the Override 'Max. Light level when on (0-100%)' column must be lower (<) than the Period 'Max. Light level when on (0-100%) value. Otherwise, the override will not take effect.

When DR is in effect, the Maximum light levels are adjusted to the new DR override specified maximum.

  • If a light is on and is above the DR override maximum level, it will immediately transition to the new DR override maximum level.
  • If a light is on and is below the DR maximum level, it will not change its level.
  • If a light is off, it will remain off and turn on to the level specified in its profile, or to the DR maximum level, whichever is less, for the duration of the DR override.
      • Auto On lights will turn on based on light profile
      • Manual On lights will turn on if the ERC button is pressed

To configure DR and holiday behavior,

Step 1: Select a profile name in the Profile Template tree from the left panel and click Edit

Step 2: In the Edit Profile screen that is displayed, browse to the Override Profiles section.

  • DR —  Override 1, Override 2, Override 3, and Override 4 represent DR overrides.
  • Holiday Behavior — Override 5, Override 6, Override 7, and Override 8 represent Holiday behavior override events.

Step 3: In the Override Profiles section, enter light level values for each DR override.

Caution: The values in the columns Override 'Max. Light level when on (0-100%)' must be lower (<) than the Period 'Max. Light level when on (0-100%) value for the override to take effect.


Step 4: Scroll to the Advanced section.

  • In the Demand Response Behavior box, for each DR Level, select an override profile from the drop-down box.


  • Select an override from the Holiday Override Profile drop-down box in the General Behavior window to schedule Holiday Overrides.


Step 5: Scroll to the top right corner of the page, click Update to save the override profiles for DR and Holiday behavior. It will take around 10 to 15 minutes for these configurations to be pushed to the sensors.

The screen below details all the above steps.


Refer to the article Push Profile Update to a Sensor to verify that the profile has been pushed to a sensor.

To schedule a DR, refer to Scheduling Demand Response and Holiday Overrides.

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