Gateway Supports 100 Connected Devices

The Enlighted network design guidelines limit the maximum number of connected devices per gateway (including plugloads) to 100 for lighting and energy applications. For real-time data applications such as Where app, which has higher bandwidth network use, limit the maximum number of devices per gateway to 50.  

For applications that use the Surface sensors, USB, for desk occupancy and ceiling sensors located in the same space, Enlighted recommends not more than 100 sensors per gateway. Refer to the Surface Sensor (SU-5i-USB) Design Guidelines.

A sensor can be configured as a hopper to broadcast messages to other fixtures in its range.   For configuring sensors as hoppers, refer to the article Configuring Sensors as Hoppers. See Network and IT Design Guidance for additional details on Gateways and Hopper guidelines.

The Enlighted Gateway is the intermediary device that aggregates wireless traffic between the network of Enlighted Smart Sensors and Manage servers located on-premise or in the cloud. Gateways communicate over IEEE 802.15.4 compliant wireless protocol.

This application note applies to the following models of Enlighted sensors:

  • Gen 5 Micro Sensor (SU-5E), High Bay Sensor (SU-5S-H), Ruggedized Sensor (SU-5S), 8-pin and 2-wire models
  • Compact Sensor (SU-4E, SU-3E-00)
  • Smart Sensor High Bay (SU-4S-H, SU-2O-00)
  • Ruggedized Sensor High and Low Bay (SU-4S-HRW/HRB/LRW/LRB) (RS-2O-S1/S2/H1/H2)
  • Two-wire Compact Sensor (CS-D2)
  • Two-wire Fixture Mount Sensor (FS-D22)

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