Schedule Demand Response and Holiday Overrides

Scheduling a DR is the second step performed after Configuring the DR and Holiday behavior for the fixture profile. The Schedule Demand Response and Holiday Overrides allow you to schedule the time within which the DR and holiday override should be pushed to the sensors, overriding the existing time of the day profile for the selected facility. After the scheduled DR time, the sensors revert to the existing time of the day profile. 

To schedule a DR and Holiday override,

  1. Navigate to Administration > Override Schedules.
  2. Click Add Override; a New Override pop-up is displayed.
  3. Select Event Type from the drop-down box.
  4. Click Assign Facility. In the facility tree that pops-up, select the required floors or areas in the tree, and click Save.
  5. Enter the remaining information and click Save.


The added Override events are displayed in the top part of the window, as shown in the following figure. You can change the facility for a scheduled DR/Holiday override event by clicking Assign Facility. For completed DR/Holiday override events, the View Facility shows which facility the event was assigned.

Note: A newly added/modified override schedule may take up to five minutes to be pushed to the sensors. Therefore, the sensors may take up to five minutes to act on the override event.

At the scheduled time, Manage sends out the events to the sensors with the selected DR and holiday overrides for the required duration at the assigned facility. The sensors then run the appropriate override profile instead of the time of the day profile.

To verify if the DR is active, click the Facilities label. The facilities left navigation panel shows all DR active sites. Select a DR active floor or area in the facility tree and click the Active DR tab. The DR progress details for the site are displayed, as shown in the example below.

Note: Active DR tab is visible only for DR active sites.


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