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The Enlighted Support will generate software licenses for a customer based on the licenses requested relative to the licenses purchased by that customer. See License Types and Product Codes for a description of licenses available for purchase.

Obtain License File

To procure any of the licenses, please send the following necessary information in an email to so that Support can generate licenses accordingly.   

  1. Contact Information – Your Name, email, phone, and company information.
  2. Customer Information – Customer point of contact, company name, email, and address.
  3. Reference Key – Key shared with the customer upon receipt of the PO entitling the customer to the purchased software licenses.
  4. The Manage version is displayed on the login screen. If you are already logged in, the version number is displayed on the top right corner below the main menu bar.



4. UUID - UUID reference number located on the respective under Administration -> Licenses. Refer to the article Locating UUID.


5. The type and quantity of licenses requested. Refer to the License Types and Product Codes, and specify the following:

  • License Types:   
  1. Sensor Licenses  Specify the number of licenses exceeded and the active type of licenses, Connected Lighting (CL), or IoT, that will be needed to be installed. Refer to Sensor License.
  2. BACnet Licenses – Specify the number of BACnet Base License, Group Point  License, Sensor Point Licenses exceeded. Refer to BACnet License.
  3. API Licenses  Total number of sensors or areas to provide occupancy information. For example, if 50 sensors or areas will report occupancy information, you will need 50 API licenses. See  API License. License Types and Product Codes
  • Product Code
  • Term
  • Quantity

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