Asset Tag (AT-1U-H1) Install Guide


Download the Asset Tag Installation Guide. 


Shipped Components

  • Asset Tag (AT-1U-H1)

Supplemental Components

  • Mounting Bracket (BRKT-AT-1U)
  • A pack of Zip Cable Ties

Asset Tags Placement Guidelines

The placement and positioning of Asset Tags are important for an unobscured line of sight to the sensors on the ceiling. Here is a guideline of recommended locations for Asset Tags.

Office or Medical Devices: The ideal location is to place the Asset Tag on top of the device. The order of preference is to place the tag.

  1. On top of the device with the Enlighted Logo of the Asset Tag facing up.
  2. If the surface is metal, make sure the Enlighted logo of the Asset Tag is facing up.
  3. On side of the device at the highest unobscured location, or on insulation plastic panel, vertically oriented with the button facing upwards.
  4. On side of the device at the highest unobscured location, or if the surface is metal, place the tag vertically oriented with the button upwards.

Do not place the tag:

  • On the bottom of the device without any clear view to the ceiling, or
  • In an obscured location, for example, inside a cavity, etc.

Installation Steps

The tag must be activated before use and added to the BlueGPS application.

Activating the Tag

Refer to the article Activating Tags.

Mounting the Tag to a Flat Surface

Step 1: Remove the adhesive cover from the tag's back and securely attach the Asset Tag to the equipment, following the recommended placement guidelines.


Mounting the Tag to a Curved Surface using the Bracket

The Asset Tag can be secured to a structure with a curved surface, such as a chair leg, equipment post, etc., using the mounting bracket and cable ties (BRKT-AT-1U). Determine if the Asset Tag requires a bracket to be mounted. If yes, follow the procedure below.

Step 1: Insert the tapered end of the tie through the upper slot in the bracket.

Step 2: Insert a second tie through the lower slot in the bracket.

Step 3: Hold the bracket and loop the cable ties around the curved surface of the structure.

Step 4: Pull the tapered end of the tie through the back of the tie head. Repeat this for the second tie until the bracket attaches itself snugly to the structure.

Step 5: Remove the adhesive cover from the back of the tag.

Step 6: Securely attach the asset tag to the mounting bracket.


Product Compliance


Note: The battery cannot be replaced in an Asset Tag. Order a new Asset Tag (AT-1U-H1) when the battery is low.

Battery Caution: Chemical Burn Hazard. This product contains a coin cell battery. If the  battery is swallowed, it can cause severe internal burns and can lead to death. Keep new and used batteries away from children. If you think batteries might have been swallowed, seek immediate medical attention.

Model: AT-1U-H1
IC: 10138A-AT1U
Regulatory Compliance Certification


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