Demand Response FAQ

Can I adjust a Demand Response (DR) Override lighting profile during a Demand Response event and have the changes take effect within 5 minutes.

Yes. When a scheduled DR event is active, you can change the Min and Max Light levels and other profile parameters in the override profile of the fixture template. The newly updated override values may take up to five minutes to act on the override event. 

To modify the values of a fixture profile when a schedule DR is active, navigate to the Profile Templates page in the left panel, and click Edit to select the fixture profile template. Scroll down to the Override Profiles section and change the lighting values.  

Can Demand Response can be configured with EMC installs?

Yes. Demand Response can be configured with EMC. Demand Response is a scheduled override profile in Manage available on all Manage deployments.

How exactly does a utility send DR command to Manage?

End-users   set up by the utility as a DR participating company will receive a notification from the utility of the DR event, and their Manage Administrator will schedule the event in Manage.  If that company participates  in Open Automated Demand Response, then Manage must be registered on the utilities Open ADR Server.  Once done, the Open ADR server will initiate the DR event directly with Manage, and there is no need for the manual process above.  An internet connection between Manage and the Open ADR server will be necessary to support this feature. 

Configuring Demand Response is available both in Manage Classic UI and New UI.



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