Assign Sensors to an Area

An area is a grouping of devices such as sensors, gateways, switches, plug loads on a floor represented as a single entity for controlling lights. You can assign devices to an area. If sensors do not exist and you need to add sensors, see Add Sensors. If areas do not exist, see Add an Area.

To assign sensors or devices to an area,

  1. Select a Floor in the Facilities navigation panel.
  2. Click the Floor Plan tab.
  3. Select the required Sensors from the floor plan.
  4. Right-click and select Area.
  5. Select Assign Area to assign an area to the selected fixture.
  • Assign Area: Helps you to Assign Area to the Selected Devices window.
  • Unassign Area: If the devices are already members of another area, select Unassign Area to remove the devices before adding them as members to the selected area.
  1. Click the Apply button.


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