Enable Zonal Sensors to Report Area Occupancy

When an area has been activated as a zonal sensor area, the area starts reporting real-time aggregated occupancy data for the configured area. Otherwise, occupancy data is not reported for the area.

Note: An area can be enabled as a zonal sensor area only when the following conditions are met.


Sensors in an area for which Zonal Occupancy is enabled will report occupancy status 'Occupied' within a few seconds of detecting motion.  The default vacancy timeout is 90 seconds; if no further motion is detected for the duration of this period, the sensor will report occupancy status 'Vacant'. 

Also, please note that the timeout value is independent of the profile Active Motion Window value; thus, it is likely that a zone is marked as Vacant even though the lights in the zone are still On (when timeout value < Active Motion Window value), or the zone is marked as Occupied even though the lights in the zone are Off (timeout value > Active Motion Window). If you would like to change the default vacancy timeout, please contact Enlighted Support.

To activate an area as a zonal sensor area,

  1. Click on the floor in the facilities' navigation panel.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Click the Edit button corresponding to the area name displayed in the lower portion of the screen.
    Note: Only after you click the Edit button, the Save button is displayed.
  4. Check the Enable as Zone Sensor option to activate the sensors in the area to be zone sensors.
  5. Click the Save button.    

The Zone Sensor Enabled column indicates the status of the zone sensors as True or False.

  • True – Sensors in the area are activated to be zone sensors
  • False – Sensors in the area are disabled as zone sensors


Note:  The Energy and Environment APIs are complimentary. 

If users need real-time occupancy, they must purchase Sensor License and API license based on the number of sensors required to report real-time occupancy status. See Request License for purchasing additional licenses.

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