Enlighted offers three types of switches: Enlighted Room Control (ERC), EnOcean, and Illumra for pairing with the Enlighted sensor network to control light levels of a group of fixtures.

View or download the required Switches Spec Sheets from the following table.

Product Name Product Code Description Spec Sheet
  1. Enlighted Room Control Switch (ERC)



4-button battery operated

View Enlighted Room Control Spec Sheet: English | German  

  1. EnOcean Switch More information on EnOcean products is available at https://www.enocean.com/en/product-category/kinetic-switches-finished-products/?frequency=bluetooth

North America

Dual Rocker 

EDRPB-W-EO 4-button No battery View PDF
Single Rocker ESRPB-W-EO

2-button No battery

View PDF
Dual Rocker EWSDB-W-EO 4-button No battery View PDF
Single Rocker EWSSB-W-EO

2-button No battery

View PDF
  1. Ilumra Room Control More information on Illumra products is available at https://illumra.com/EnLighted/ 


Dual Rocker 

BTT-S1-AXX 4-button View PDF
Single Rocker BTT-S2-AXX


Dual Rocker BTT-S1-EXX 4-button View PDF
Single Rocker BTT-S2-EXX


Recommended articles:

For installing the ERC or EnOcean or Illumra switch, refer to the Install Guides.

For adding the switch to the Enlighted sensor network, configuring the switch to control a group of fixtures, and testing the switch functionality, refer to the following articles:

If a switch is defective or not functioning,


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