Switches (WS-2-00/ExRPB/EWSxB/BTT-Sx-XXX)

Enlighted offers three types of switches: Enlighted Room Control (ERC), EnOcean, and Illumra for pairing with the Enlighted sensor network to control light levels of a group of fixtures.

Spec Sheets

View or download the required Switches Spec Sheets from the following table.

Product Name Product Code Description Spec Sheet
  1. Enlighted Room Control Switch (ERC)


4-button battery operated

View Enlighted Room Control Spec Sheet: English  | German  

  1. EnOcean Switch More information on EnOcean products is available at https://www.enocean.com/en/product-category/kinetic-switches-finished-products/?frequency=bluetooth

North America

Dual Rocker 

EDRPB-W-EO 4-button No battery View PDF
Single Rocker ESRPB-W-EO

2-button No battery

View PDF
Dual Rocker EWSDB-W-EO 4-button No battery View PDF
Single Rocker EWSSB-W-EO

2-button No battery

View PDF
  1. Illumra Room Control More information on Illumra products is available at https://illumra.com/EnLighted/ 


Dual Rocker 

BTT-S1-AXX 4-button View PDF
Single Rocker BTT-S2-AXX


Dual Rocker BTT-S1-EXX 4-button View PDF
Single Rocker BTT-S2-EXX



Installation Guides

For installing the ERC or EnOcean or Illumra switch, refer to the Install Guides.

Configuration Guides

For adding the switch to the Enlighted sensor network, configuring the switch to control a group of fixtures, and testing the switch functionality, refer to the following articles:

If a switch is defective or not functioning,


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