Plug Load Controller (PC‐xx‐20)

The Enlighted Plug Load Controller (PLC) transforms receptacles in 20A circuits to controlled and metered smart receptacles for energy-efficient and code-compliant plug load control.

Spec Sheets

View or download the required Spec sheet:

Best Practices:

  • PLCs are installed near the outlet or load they control, and they must be wired properly to the outlet.
  • Place the PLC in the electrical closet or near an electrical panel for easy access and visibility.
  • Plug Load Controller should be installed within the gateway's wireless range and close to any sensor of the group they belong to.
  • PLCs need to hear from only one sensor and do not need to hear from all sensors in the group.
  • The controlling sensor should belong to the same motion group to which the Gateway is assigned. Make sure the sensor is placed near the closet.
  • For floor outlets, the PLC must not be buried in the floor.

Quick Links for Install Guides, Line Diagram, and FAQs:


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