Design Guidance for Raised Floors

The Enlighted’s Sensor, Switch, and Plugload control products require a reliable and secure wireless connectivity to a Gateway for appropriate installation and configuration. Enlighted does not recommend installing these products enclosed under raised floors made of a material that interferes with wireless communications such as metal or concrete, etc.

The enclosures cause major wireless communication issues to the discovery and programming of the devices as well as the functionality of the Enlighted wireless system. These issues can cause project delays increasing installation, troubleshooting, and programming costs for the site. Enlighted does not recommend installing any Enlighted wireless devices under an enclosed raised floor and will not be responsible for additional costs incurred.


As an alternative, Enlighted recommends mounting the sensor in an open office area and running the sensor cable to an Enlighted Control Unit controlling a third-party relay that can be installed under a raised floor. The sensor can be configured to support similar functionality as the Plugload control device communicating with the rest of the Enlighted network in this configuration.

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