Control Units (CU-4)

The Enlighted Fixture Mount Control Unit (CU) interfaces with Enlighted sensors and ballast or LED driver to intelligently control light behavior.

Control Units Spec Sheets

  1. Fixture Mount Control Unit for 0-10V drivers: CU-4E-FMH

    Control Unit (CU-4E-FMH) Spec Sheet Rev.09 The CU is mounted inside an enclosure. 
  2. Nipple Mount External/Internal Control Unit (North America only)

    Control Unit (CU-4E-NME/NMI) Spec Sheet Rev.07. Intended for field installations, mounted on the side in the junction box using the nipple, or mounted outside of the fixture. Two versions are available, NME (Nipple mount external), where the sensor is external to the fixture, NMI (Nipple mount internal). the sensor is mounted internal to the fixture. 

  3. Fixture Mount Control Unit for DALI drivers (Europe only): CU-4D-FM

In support of our traditional 8-pin sensors and enabling hardware energy metering of traditional DALI drivers, the Fixture Mount Control Unit for DALI drivers is available ONLY in the EU countries accepting the CE mark.  Please note that the  Control Unit for DALI incorporates the DALI PSU, so there is no need to procure a separate PSU.  The Control Unit for DALI does NOT support Tunable White (DT8) or Emergency Lighting (DT1) functions, but it has the ability to meter energy. 

Control Unit  (CU-4D-FM) Spec Sheet Rev.07 | Control Unit (CU-4D-FM) German Spec Sheet.

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