Manage (EM-x-xx), EEM, EMC

The Enlighted Manage provides a secure web-based interface to monitor, control, and analyze energy savings and other data collected by the Enlighted Smart Sensor network.

Manage is determined by the number of connected devices as shown in the following table.

Spec Sheets

View or download the Manage Spec Sheets in the Spec Sheet column

Manage                                                Product Code Min. Sensor Capacity Max. Sensor Capacity Spec Sheet                                     
Manage EM-2-02 1000 1500

English rev.11German rev.11   

Midrange Enlighted Manage EM-2-03 1000 5000 English rev.10 
Enterprise Enlighted Manage (EEM) EM-03-01 5000

10,000 with BACnet

18,000 without BACnet

English rev.16

Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC)   EMC-SWC-01 0 18000

English rev.07  | German rev.07  

Refer to the Manage deployment and scalability limits to understand the multiple deployment options to match your needs.


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