Allowing EM v3.7.1 to Communicate with Gateway Firmware below v2.8

Compatibility Overview

To enhance security, Energy Manager v3.7 and above will not by default discover, upgrade, nor communicate with Gateways with firmware prior to version 2.8. In Energy Manager 3.8 and Manage 4.0 and above, it is possible to turn off this security setting in Administration > System Management > Security Settings.


For Energy Manager 3.7.1, follow the instructions below to turn off the security setting and enable discovery, upgrade, and communication with Gateways firmware versions prior to 2.8.

Update Gateway firmware to version 2.8.36 prior to upgrading EM to 3.7 and above.

Discovering and Communicating with Gateway Firmware Below 2.8

1.    Update System Configuration Values

Click Administration > System Management > System Configuration Values. In the  ‘Edit SystemConfig Value’   window, type “security.protocols” in Name and “TLSv1.2, TLSv1” in Value and click Save.

2.    Restart Tomcat

  1. Using putty, connect to Energy Manager using the IP address.
  2. Execute the command below to restart Tomcat
    ~$ sudo service tomcat restart
  3. Wait till Tomcat restarts successfully

To verify if Gateways are communicating with Energy Manager, select the floor in the left panel, and click Devices > Gateways tabs. Choose a Gateway on the floor and click Edit to view Gateway Details. Check the Last Communication field to see if the Gateway is communicating with the Energy Manager. You can also mouse hover on Gateway (from Floor plan) and check if it shows green.

Upgrading Gateway Firmware Below 2.8

If you did not upgrade Gateway firmware prior to upgrading to EM 3.7.1, it is still possible to perform the upgrade using a script:

  1. Secure Copy (SCP) the script provided by Enlighted, sh, into EM server in /home/enlighted directory.
  2. Run the script using sudo ./enabledisableoldgwupgrade .sh.
  3. Follow the regular Gateway upgrade method by going to Administration, Image Upgrade, and uploading and upgrading to the 2.8.36 gateway firmware.
  4. The upgrade should be successful and should be blinking Green and communicating.
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