Update Demand Response for Selected Facilities

Update the current running or scheduled Demand Response for a list of selected facilities in the organization for a specific period from the start time.


POST https://{em_ip_address_or_hostname}/ems/api/org/dr/updatedr/facilities/{facility specification list}

    "pricelevel": "LOW",
    "duration": "60",
    "starttime": "2015-07-21T12:15:49+05:30",
    "dridentifier": "DR16",
    "pricing": "15.0"


em_ip_address or hostname: The Enlighted Manage (EM) IP address or hostname.
facility specification list:

Schedules a demand response for selected facilities. List of facilities separated by commas. Each facility contains facility type and facility ID: {facility type} {facility ID}

Facility Type: Can be either a company, campus, building, or floor.

Facility ID: A unique identifier that is assigned to the company or organization, campus, building or floor. (Facility ID is returned in Get All Floors API).

Note: Specifying a facility other than the floor automatically assigns DR to all floors under the facility. Assigning a campus will assign DR to all floors for all buildings in the campus. For example,

  1. To assign DR to the first and second floors of a building, type floor_1,floor_2. DR will be assigned to floor 1 and floor 2.
  2. To assign DR to all floors in the Headquarters Building with ID 22, type Building_22. DR will be assigned to all floors in building 22.

DR pricing:

duration: The DR duration time in minutes (must be a whole number)
starttime: Time from when DR should be in effect.Format: (yyyyMMddHHmm) year/month/day/hour/minutes,
for example, 2015-11-18T17:43:00
dridentifier: DR identifier provided at the time of scheduling.
pricing: DR pricing that is effective for the energy consumed during the DR period (optional).
status: 0 – DR schedule successful.
1 – DR not scheduled.
msg: Message description.

Sample Code

For example, update the currently running Demand Response (DR) event from LOW to HIGH price level for Floor 1 in Building 51, Campus 1, for 60 minutes starting at 5:30 am on 07-21-2015 at 15 cents. The response indicates that the DR update was successful.

If user is accessing web service with proper session/authenticated token:,building_51,campus_1


"pricelevel": "HIGH",
"duration": "60",
"starttime": "2015-07-21T12:15:49+05:30",
"dridentifier": "DR16",
"pricing": "15.0"

HTTP/1.1 200: OK
    "status": "0",
    "msg": "DR updated successfully"


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