Gateway (GW-2-01)

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The Enlighted Gateway is the intermediary device between Enlighted Manage and Enlighted control network. The Gateway relays energy, environmental, and occupancy data captured by the Enlighted Smart Sensors to Manage for analysis and reporting. It also communicates configuration changes from Manage to sensors and other network devices.

One or more Gateways may be deployed on each floor to relay information between the sensors and Enlighted Manage. The Gateway device mounts to the ceiling at the same height as an individual sensor device. CAT5e cable is run from the Enlighted Gateway to the Enlighted PoE switch.

For outdoor applications, the Gateway must be mounted indoors and an external antenna installed outdoors. Refer to the Gateway Antenna Selection Guidelines that explain how to choose an antenna for use with the Enlighted Gateway.


Gateway (front and back)


Shipped Components

  • Enlighted Gateway
  • Two #6 - 1” (25.4) mm screws with standoffs
  • Antenna: Nearson S151AH-07826 2.4GHz Swivel Antenna (5dBi, 50 Ohm)

Tools You May Need

  • #2 Phillips screwdriver

Supplies You May Need

  • Cat-5e or Cat-6 data cable with RJ45 (conforming to TIA/EIA 568-B) connectors between the Gateway and PoE Ethernet switch


A qualified electrician must perform installation and maintenance per local, state, and national electrical codes (NEC) and requirements.

Wall and Ceiling Mounting

Step 1: Determine a location for the Gateway.

Mount the Gateway in a central location relative to the sensors it will be communicating with. Ideally, the Gateway must be at the same elevation as the sensors, and Gateway MUST be visible so that you can see the LEDs. The Cat-5e or Cat-6 data cable from the PoE Ethernet switch must be less than 300 feet.

Step 2: Select a location for the RJ45 connector of the data cable to exit the wall or ceiling. Make a small circular cut (roughly 11/16th of an inch in diameter) in the wall or ceiling for the RJ45 connector.

Step 3: Install the included mounting screws two inches apart.

Step 4: Mount the Gateway with the antenna typically pointing down as shown, but it can also be mounted with the antenna pointing straight up.


Wall Mounting

Ceiling Mounting

Step 5: Insert the RJ45 connector of the data cable into the Gateway.

Step 6: Route the other end of the RJ45 connector into a port of the powered PoE switch.


Wiring Diagram for PoE Switch and Gateway

Step 7: Power on the PoE Ethernet switch and check for the “PoE Active” LED to be green for the port connecting the Gateway.

Gateway LED Status Indicators

  • * Slow blink is once every five seconds.
  • ** Fast blink is once every second.

Gateway LED status indicators

Single Combo LED


Red LED Green LED Description/Solution
OFF OFF OFF Check the power connection.
Slow Green blink* OFF ON Slow blink*

Gateway is commissioned and working

Fast Green blink** OFF ON Fast blink**

Received IP address from Manage and Gateway is ready for commissioning.

Slow Red blink ON Slow blink       OFF   No IP address, check network connectivity.
Alternate Red/Green/Orange ON Fast blink    ON Slow blink Firmware upgrade in progress
Solid Green OFF ON continuous

If any of these LED conditions last for more than five seconds, they indicate Gateway fault.

Try connecting the Gateway to the PoE switch with a known working cable or replace the Gateway.

Solid Red ON continuous OFF
Solid Orange ON continuous ON continuous


  • If both green and red LEDs stay continuously for more than 10 seconds, replace the unit.
  • If the LED stays orange continuously for more than 10 seconds, replace the unit.

Product Compliance


Model: GW-2-01
IC: 10138A-GW2


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Enlighted registered partners and customers can download and upgrade firmware images on a Gateway. Refer to the list of available Gateway Firmware Images. 

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