Enlighted Room Control (WS-2-00)

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The Enlighted Room Control (ERC) provides a standard wall switch's basic control functions with preset dimming capabilities without any additional wiring. It enables you to select preset scenes so that groups of light fixtures behave in concert to achieve a lighting objective. The Enlighted Room Control gives you the flexibility to predefine up to six different scenes and many combinations of light levels that can be accessed at the push of a button.


Room Control Switch


Shipped Components

  • Room Control Switch
  • Usage card
  • Backplate (with captive screws in place)
  • Cover plate
  • Two tapping screws
  • Two #6-32 machine screws

Tools You May Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver


A qualified electrician must perform installation and maintenance per local, state, and national electrical codes (NEC) and requirements.

Wall and Junction Box Mounting

Step 1: Separate, if needed, the cover and backplates.

Step 2: Remove the plastic pull tab to allow the battery to come in contact with the terminals. 

Step 3: Press each button and verify that both the green and red LEDs flash and that the button moves smoothly.

Step 4: If the LEDs do not flash when a button is pressed, then check, and if needed, replace the battery using a standard CR2032 battery.

The battery is accessed after opening the case. 


Step 5: Position the switch on either the wall or a junction box with the LEDs on the top and the Enlighted logo on the bottom.

Step 6: Use the provided tapping screws (or machine screws for a junction box) to attach the ERC to the wall.

Step 7: Align the backplate (with the arrow pointing up) to the ERC. Affix the backplate to the ERC by firmly tightening both captive screws.

Step 8: Snap on the cover plate with the arrow (on its backside) pointing up.

Room Control


To print the above ERC Quick Instructions card for configuring room light levels, see ERC Insert Card.

Tunable White Fixtures: When fixtures are configured for Tunable White in Manage, the ERC switch buttons three and four have additional functionality to increase or decrease the color temperature. For details, refer to the ERC Switch Control for Light Fixtures with Tunable White.

Adding ERC to Manage

The physical Enlighted Room Control (ERC) switch is associated with a virtual switch for controlling lights. You can add an ERC to be commissioned before a virtual switch is created or as part of associating it with a virtual switch. Refer to the article Create a Switch. 

Room Control Buttons

Hold the combination of buttons for five seconds to start the mode.

  • Buttons 2 & 4: Maintenance mode:  When adding ERCs to Enlighted Manage, hold buttons 2 and 4 from the top for five seconds. The green LED will blink green for five minutes to indicate that the ERC has entered the commissioning state. A key press-and-hold during the green LED blinking aborts the mode.
  • Buttons 1 & 3 & 4: Decommission: If for any reason you decide to remove the ERC after it is deployed, press buttons 1, 3, and 4 for five seconds to decommissions the ERC. The green LED blinks followed by a single red blink to indicate that the ERC is being decommissioned.
  • Buttons 1 & 4: Reboot (A single red LED blink shows reboot.)

Room Control LED Status Indicators

Red LED Green LED Buttons Pressed  ERC Status
OFF Single blink Any button Commissioned and working.
Single blink Single blink Any button Not commissioned.
OFF ON – Blink once per second 2 and 4 Commissioning Mode or Image Upgrade for Commissioned ERC.
Single blink ON – Fast Blink 1, 3, and 4 ERC is being Decommissioned.


Problem Solution
LEDs do not flash when a button is pressed. The energy in the battery may have drained. Check, and if needed, replace the battery.
Buttons do not easily move when pressed. Return unit for replacement

Product Compliance:


Model: WS-2-00
IC: 10138A-WS200



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