Manage 4.5 Admin Guide

Updated versions of the Manage/Energy Manager Admin Guide are periodically released to correspond with the new software version releases

For a brief product description, refer to the Manage Spec Sheets. To upgrade Manage to the latest release, refer to the Manage Release Components. If you need help in upgrading your system, submit a ticket to Enlighted Support

Manage 4.5 Admin Guide 

Download and view Manage Admin Guide, v4.5 (Manage 4.5.pdf)

New/Enhanced Features in 4.5

  • API authentication works without computing SHA1 of ‘apikey’ on the client side.
    Note: The previous API authentication procedure will continue to function normally. To distinguish between the two strategies a client can use, this method has a new header. TLS is used by the new technique to ensure transit security.

Toggle the New User Experience button to switch to the new Manage UI to enjoy the following features. If you do not see the toggle button to switch between the New UI and Classic UI, please contact Enlighted Support to enable the toggle button in your Manage application. 

  • Groups - Switch, Motion, and Daylight Groups can be easily and quickly set up in an Enlighted lighting system using the Groups feature.
  • Energy Consumption - The Energy Consumption screen displays Energy Savings and Usage for the day. In the new UI, the following features have been added,
    • To prevent data overcrowding, you can select to show or hide categories in the Energy Consumption graph based on your needs.
    • Ability to see Hourly details for any given day within a year when selecting a single date.
    • The graph displays the amount of CO2 emitted, user-configurable CO2 equivalent factor for energy savings calculations has been introduced.
  • System Health Report - This is a Premium Support Service. The report provides diagnostic information on the status of Enlighted devices, recommending devices that require a firmware upgrade, detecting failed components, and the time to repair or service the network or failed devices.
  • Configure Recall the Lighting Scene Color - This feature helps to recall a lighting scene color intensity for Tunable White fixtures before the lights are turned off.  The lights will come back on with the last scene color temperature instead of the max. color temperature before the lights are turned off. 


Manage 4.4 Admin Guide 

Download and view Manage Admin Guide, v4.4 (Manage 4.4.pdf)

New/Enhanced Features in 4.4

  • Floor Plan - Zoom In and Zoom Out - Icon size scales directly within the floorplan zoom level so that the same parts of the floorplan are always visible regardless of the zoom level.
  • Get Aggregate Sensor Energy Data by Floor API - Manage returns the total energy consumption in watt-hour for all fixtures on the floor with this API.
  • Recall Preset Scene Lighting API - User can recall the preset scene color with API. Each light assigned to a scene will go to its predefined level when lights are switched on.
  • BACnet on EMC  - The Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC) can provide data to a BMS via BACnet when an on-premise server is configured to communicate with an EMC over HTTPS. To request this feature, please contact or submit a ticket to Enlighted Support


Admin Guide Archives

Manage 4.1 Admin Guide

Download and view Manage Admin Guide, v4.1 (Manage 4.1.pdf)

New/Enhanced Features

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for enhanced security.
  • EnOcean Battery-Free Switch - We are introducing a battery-less wall switch option to reduce maintenance costs and meet the demand for battery-less devices. EnOcean switches can now be used to control Enlighted sensors with the same functionality provided by Enlighted ERCs.
  • New Floor Plan Views  - Configuring devices and gaining insight on a floor is now faster and easier because the entire floorplan image will always be displayed within the floorplan viewport at the lowest zoom level.


Manage 4.0.x Admin Guide

Download and view Manage Admin Guide, v4.0.x (Manage 4.0.x_AG.pdf)

New/Enhanced Features

  • Background Lighting - Building engineers can save energy, improve building occupant safety, and meet building code by enabling background lighting in the advanced profile options.
  • License Management - The system will automatically generate Real-time Area Occupancy licenses based on the count of areas with ‘Zone Sensor Enabled’ even if the quantity of Zone Sensor licenses uploaded is zero prior to upgrading to 4.0.2
  • Subfloors - Users can now create subfloors so that sensors can be commissioned on a new floorplan using gateways commissioned on an existing floorplan.


Energy Manager 3.9.14 Admin Guide 

Download PDF: Energy Manager Admin Guide  v3.9.14 PDF (EM_AG3.9.14_93-xxx-02._Rev22.pdf).

New/Enhanced Features

  • Operating System (OS) upgrade - A new OS upgrade is introduced to continue receiving product updates for the Energy Manager. Enlighted recommends that all systems perform an Operating System (OS) upgrade.


Energy Manager 3.9.13 Admin Guide 

Download PDF: Energy Manager Admin Guide  v3.9.13 PDF (EM_AG3.9.13_93-xxx-02._Rev21.pdf).

New/Enhanced Features


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