Ruggedized Sensor, 8-pin, (SU-5S-xRx)

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The Enlighted Ruggedized Sensor, 8-pin, is designed for outdoor applications, parking structures, and damp or wet locations that require a sensor with an IP65 rating. The Ruggedized Sensor installs into a standard 1/2 inch fixture knockout. A permanently attached 22-inch cable with an RJ-45 connector must be fed through the opening before the sensor is secured via a threaded locknut provided with the sensor.


Ruggedized Sensor (Front and Rear)


If you have ordered the Hard Ceiling Mount Carrier (HCMC-SU-5E) as an optional component to install the Ruggedized sensor, refer to the following articles:

The following components are shipped with the Ruggedized sensor.

Shipped Components: 

Supplemental Components:

Tools you may Need

  • ½ inch Knock out tool


A qualified electrician must perform installation and maintenance per local, state, and national electrical codes (NEC) and requirements.


The Ruggedized sensor, 8-pin, is shipped with the cable attached to the sensor. The sensor can be mounted to the fixture using a conduit body and chase nipple or locknut.


 Step 1: De-energize the luminaire.

Mounting using the Conduit Body and Chase Nipple

Step 1: Remove the cover plate of the ½ inch LB conduit body by removing the two screws.


Step 2: Thread the Ruggedized sensor onto the LB conduit body. 

Step 3: Replace the cover and two screws on the LB conduit body.  


Step 4: Knock out a ½ inch hole on the end of the light fixture.

Step 5: Mount the Ruggedized Sensor LB Conduit to the fixture by guiding the sensor cable through the knockout and chase nipple into the fixture.


Step 6: Thread the chase nipple to connect the LB conduit to the fixture securely.

Mounting using the Locknut

Step 1: Knock out a ½ inch hole on the bottom of the light fixture.

Step 2:  Glide the sensor cable through the knockout of the fixture.

Step 3: Thread the locknut tightly to secure the sensor to the fixture.

Connecting the Sensor Cable to the Control Unit

Step 1: Use an RJ45 coupler with an Enlighted Sensor cable to connect the RJ45 end of the sensor cable to the Control Unit's connector (CU).

For wiring connections from the Control Unit to the sensor, refer to the Control Unit Installation Guide.

Step 2: Energize the luminaire and confirm that the green LED is solid.  

LED Description

LED Status Description/Solution
LED not on The sensor is not powered on.Check power andwiring.
Blinking Green The commissioned sensor has powered up and has detected motion. If there is no motion in the sensor’s field of view, the blinking will stop. Wave your hands below the sensor to restart LED blinking.
Solid Green The uncommissioned sensor has powered up successfully and completed the wiring test with no unexpected conditions –waiting for discovery.
Blinking Red The uncommissioned sensor has powered up and completed the wiring test with one or more conditions unexpected of a typical LED fixture – waiting for discovery.
Solid Red Faulty sensor – replace the sensor.
Solid Blue The Sensor received a request to identify itself.
Blinking Blue  The uncommissioned sensor powered up successfully, but the sensor is unable to detect an energy measurement device (CU or Driver), waiting for discovery.
Interrupted Green Un-commissioned fixtureless sensors.

Product Compliance:


SU-5S-HRW: High Bay, White, Ruggedized Sensor
SU-5S-LRW: Standard Bay, White, Ruggedized Sensor

Product Codes:
xxx: IoT Node (IoT), Connected Lighting (CL), Independent Lighting/Enlighted One (IL)
IC: 10138A-SU5S
Rev: 08


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