High Bay Sensor, 8-pin, (SU-5S-H)

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The Enlighted High Bay Sensor, 8-pin, is designed for indoor applications with high ceilings such as warehouses, atriums, and manufacturing facilities. The High Bay Sensor, 8-pin, comes with a nylon threaded screw for mounting in acoustical tile or drywall ceilings. Pendant button mount and flat metal bracket mount options are available separately.


High Bay Sensor, 8-pin, (Front and Rear)


Shipped Components: 

Supplemental Components:

  • Enlighted Sensor Cables
    • Female RJ45 Coupler: CPL-RJ45
    • 7-foot sensor cable for CU-4: CBL-RJ45-RJ45-7F
    • 7-foot Profile 0 Driver cable: CBL-RJ45-5W-7F
  • Enlighted Control Unit: CU-4E-FM/FMH
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket: BRKT-SU-2-00


A qualified electrician must perform installation and maintenance per local, state, and national electrical codes (NEC) and requirements.


The High Bay Sensor, 8-pin, can be mounted to ceiling tiles using an anchor screw or pendant and industrial fixtures using the adjustable mounting bracket.

Step 1: De-energize the luminaire.

Step 2: Mount the Control Unit (CU) in a UL-approved enclosure. Refer to the Control Unit Installation Guide for installation and wiring instructions. The sensor cable from the CU terminating in an RJ45 connector must be connected to the sensor.

Mounting using an Anchor Screw (BTTN-SU-2-00)

The sensor (SU-5S) should be mounted to the ceiling tile within a few inches (between 1 ¾”  to 3”) of the lighting fixture. 

Step 1: Determine the location of the sensor. Push and rotate the anchor screw to the tile at that location. 


Step 2: Select a place near the anchor screw for the RJ45 connector of the sensor cable from the CU to exit. Make a small cut in the ceiling tile for the cable to exit.


Step 3: Connect the sensor cable’s RJ45 connector to the sensor bottom.


Step 4: Align the anchor screw with the slot provided on the sensor bottom. Slide the sensor onto the screw head.


Step 5: Slip the excess sensor cable up into the plenum area and adjust the ceiling tile to the original position. 

Step 6: Energize the luminaire and confirm that the green LED is solid.

Mounting using Adjustable Mounting Bracket (BRKT-SU-2-00)

The sensor (SU-5S-H) can be mounted to a pendant and industrial fixtures using the mounting bracket. The galvanized steel mounting bracket width is 1.35". 

Step 1: Determine the mounting location of the sensor on the fixture. To ensure that the fixture does not block the sensor view, level the sensor to the bottom of the fixture and provide enough clearance from the fixture. See the examples below.


Picture2.png                                               Picture3.png

Step 2: Bend the adjustable mounting bracket to the required shape. Fasten the bracket to the fixture using two 8” screws.


Step 3: Connect the sensor cable’s RJ45 connector from the CU to the bottom of the sensor.


Step 4: Slide the sensor onto the head of the mounting bracket.


Step 5: Secure the sensor cable to the bracket or fixture using cable ties, electrical tape, clips, etc., as appropriate for the installation.

Step 6: Energize the luminaire and confirm that the green LED is solid.

LED Description

LED Status Description/Solution
LED not on The sensor is not powered on.Check power andwiring.
Blinking Green The commissioned sensor has powered up and has detected motion. If there is no motion in the sensor’s field of view, the blinking will stop. Wave your hands below the sensor to restart LED blinking.
Solid Green The uncommissioned sensor has powered up successfully and completed the wiring test with no unexpected conditions – waiting for discovery.
Blinking Red The uncommissioned sensor has powered up and completed the wiring test with one or more conditions unexpected of a typical LED fixture – waiting for discovery.
Solid Red Faulty sensor – replace the sensor.
Solid Blue The Sensor received a request to identify itself.
Blinking Blue  The uncommissioned sensor powered up successfully, but the sensor is unable to detect an energy measurement device (CU or Driver), waiting for discovery.
Interrupted Green Un-commissioned fixtureless sensors.

Product Compliance

Model No: SU-5S-H: High Bay Sensor, 8-pin
Product Code: SU-5S-H-xxx
xxx: IoT Node (IoT), Connected Lighting (CL),
Independent Lighting/Enlighted One (IL)
IC: 10138A-SU5S


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