Micro Sensor Mounting Case (CASE-SU-5E)

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The Enlighted Mounting Case (CASE-SU-5E) provides a flexible solution for mounting the SU-5E Micro sensor on a variety of surfaces either attached directly to or separate from a lighting fixture. Easy to install, the case securely supports the sensor and routes the sensor cable through the back or side of the case. After the bracket is mounted, the case can be easily rotated to adjust the sensor’s field of view.


SU-5E Mounting Case


Shipped Components: 

  • SU-5E Sensor Carrier
  • SU-5E Mounting Bracket
  • ½ inch Chase Nipple and Locknut
  • 2 nos. #8 Anchor Screws (Drywall® mount)
  • 2 nos. #8 Metal Self-tapping Screws (Fixture mount)

Supplemental Components:

Tools you may Need

  • ½” knockout set
  • Hand drill
  • Wire stripper
  • Pliers
  • Phillips screwdriver


Installation and maintenance must be performed by a qualified electrician in accordance with local, state, and national electrical codes (NEC) and requirements.

The circuit breaker must be switched off to turn the power off to the light fixture.

Mounting with the Bracket

You can mount the Microsensor to fixtures with a knockout or to sheetrock and fixtures without a knockout.

Option 1: Fixtures with Knockout

Step 1: Connect the 8-pin end of the sensor cable to the sensor.


Step 2: Guide the sensor cable wire through the front and back holes in the sensor carrier. Pull the cable gently until the sensor lens clicks securely into the carrier.


Step 3: Remove the  ½” fixture knockout.


Step 4: Insert ½” Chase Nipple to the inside of the bracket.


Step 5: Connect the bracket to the fixture by threading the locknut screw to the Chase Nipple.


Step 6: Align the sensor lens with the curved edge of the bracket, insert the sensor cable through the Chase Nipple into the fixture.

Note: Only when the sensor lens is aligned with the curved edge of the bracket, the sensor can rotate freely to the desired angle within the bracket.


Step 7: Insert the sensor cable through the Chase Nipple into the fixture, and slide the sensor carrier until it clicks into the mounting bracket.


Option 2: Sheetrock and Fixtures without Knockout 

Step 1: Locate the tab on the side of the mounting bracket and break away the tab.


Step 2: Mount the bracket to the fixture or drywall. For fixtures, use the metal-self tapping screws. For drywall, use anchor screws


Step 3:  Insert the carrier with the sensor into the bracket. Make sure the sensor wires exit through the open slot in the bracket.


Step 4: only for drywall - Insert the cable through the Wiremold conduit.


Rotating the Sensor

After mounting with the bracket, rotate the sensor to the required direction.

Mounting Without the Bracket

Step 1: Remove ½” fixture knockout.


Step 2: Slide to open the Sensor Carrier back cover.


Step 3: Using your thumb or pliers, push and remove the knockout of the front carrier.


Step 4: Insert the ½” Chase Nipple through the knockout hole in the carrier.



Step 5: Insert the sensor into the carrier by pulling the cable through the Chase Nipple. Make sure the sensor lens clicks and is visible through the hole in the front.


Step 6: Slide to close the back cover.

Step 7: Mount the carrier to the fixture by tightening the Chase Nipple with the locknut.


Wiring the Cables to the Control Unit or Driver

Wire the other end of the sensor cable to the Control Unit, driver, or power supply.


Model: CASE-SU-5E

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