Interfacing Enlighted Sensors with Triac and Phase-Cut Dimmable Fixtures using EcoSense Linear Dimming Control

This article describes how to interface Enlighted sensors with Triac and Phase-cut dimming luminaires. Such luminaires are common in downlight and specialty lighting applications. Lighting specifiers, electrical engineers, and Enlighted field application engineers or sales personnel can use this Application Note to understand how to implement phase-cut dimming with Enlighted sensors. The goal is to achieve control of Triac or Phase-cut dimming luminaires.

Connecting Enlighted Lighting System with EcoSense Linear Dimming Control

Field projects that use Triac or Phase-cut fixtures can be dimmed and monitored using the Enlighted lighting system. Such dimming methods are commonly used with downlights (“can” lights). The Enlighted lighting system operates seamlessly with the EcoSense Linear Dimming Control module to achieve a dimmable downlighting effect. The Enlighted’s Smart sensors along with the Room Control Switch (ERC) send signals to the Enlighted Control Unit (CU-4E) to dim lights up or down. The EcoSense Linear Dimming Control module converts the 0-10V signal from the Enlighted Control Unit (CU-4E) into an ELV-dimmed output within the range of 0-120V or 0-277V for a smooth, flicker-free dimming of fixtures controlled by the Enlighted sensors.


Refer to the wiring diagram to ensure proper connection between the Enlighted Smart sensors (SU-5), Control Unit (CU-4E), and Ecosense Linear Dimming Control module. The Ecosense Product Brief provides technical specifications about the dimming module.


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