Email Alerts

Space users can set up email alerts so they receive notifications when key areas of a building are over or under customer utilization levels (e.g. below 20% or above 80%). This information helps staff looking to reallocate under-utilized space or cut operation costs.

Alerts can be configured for select spaces with custom utilization thresholds and specific days and times to be monitored and notified about.


  • All Space users can create alerts

  • Lower utilization level indicates under-utilized spaces

  • Create an alert for each area or configuration variation

  • Alert emails will be sent to the address the user has set in their Space profile

Sample Email Alert



Video Tutorial

Click to view Space threshold alerts feature.

  1. Log into the Space application

  2. In the top-right corner click the arrow next to your username and select My Alerts from the menu.

Creating a New Alert

  1. Click the Create New Alert button.



  2. Enter a meaningful Alert Name.

  3. Select the relevant Spaces using the checkboxes. Expand the list of child spaces to select individual spaces, or check a top-level box to select all.

  4. To use the default configuration, check the Use Default Thresholds checkbox. The default configurations are:

    • If utilization is higher than 80%, or lower than 20%.

    • During weekdays between 7 am-7 pm local time.

  5. To tailor the configurations that determine when an alert email should be sent:

      1. Set the high and low utilization levels that when reached will trigger an alert.

      2. Use the dropdowns to specify days of the week and the time period during each day that should be monitored.

  6. Click Save.


Note that emails are sent as a weekly digest, there aren’t options to specify the frequency of email notifications.

Viewing and Editing Existing Alerts

On the My Alerts page click an Edit button on an alert row to view or modify the details.




To remove an alert, click the Delete button on an alert row and confirm the delete action.







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