RMA a Third-party Switch: EnOcean/Illumra

When you identify that a switch is defective, you will need to return the unit. Please check the procedure for obtaining the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). We recommend that you add the RMA switch to the network before installing it. You add the switch by scanning the QR code label on the back panel and then adding and commissioning the switch.

To RMA a switch, you will need the MAC ID and Security key of the switch for adding the switch to the Enlighted sensor network. Follow the procedure described in Adding a Switch to obtain the MAC ID and Security key. 

  1. Select a Floor from the Facilities left panel.
  2. Click on the Devices > Switch > EnOcean tab to view the list of existing switches.
  3. Click the Add button to add the RMA switch. 

EnSwtch_List.png The Commission and Place screen is displayed.

  1. Enter the 12-digit MAC Address in the format XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX. For example, E2:15:01:50:01:00.
  2. Copy and paste or type the alphanumeric security key. Refer to the article Adding an EnOcean Switch to get the security key.
  3. Please select the appropriate Button Type, whether it is a 2-Type Button or a 4-Type Button.


6. Locate the switch in the floor map.

7. Select the switch, right-click and select the RMA option.
Tip: Hovering over the EnOcean icon displays the switch name. 

Commission_EnSwch_RMA.pngClick OK in the confirmation pop-up to replace the existing switch. The switch will get successfully added and commissioned. Refer to the Device Icons for a visual description of the floor map device icons and their statuses.


After commissioning the switch, remove the current unit and install the RMA EnOcean switch in its place. Refer to the EnOcean Install Guide and Illumra Room Control Install Guide for instructions. 

NOTE: If you are replacing an RMA switch in a switch group, the sensors will take up to five minutes to respond to the button presses on the RMA switch.

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