Add Third-party Switches: EnOcean/Illumra

This article explains adding third-party switches such as EnOcean and Illumra switches to Manage. The battery-less, energy harvesting, Bluetooth Low Energy switches can be paired with the Enlighted sensor network to control a group of fixtures and scenes.

To add the switch to the network, you do radio-based commissioning via the Enlighted Configure application. This preferred and recommended method uses a special keypress sequence on the switch to broadcast its MAC ID and security key. The Configure application listens for this information and adds the switch to the database for uploading it to Manage. Refer to the article Adding a Third-party Switch: EnOcean in Configure. This article is available only for internal users as Configure is an internal app for placing and commissioning sensors.

You can RMA a defective switch  using camera-based commissioning, which  scans the QR code label from the switch's back panel and then add  and commission it in Manage.  While you can use this method for adding and commissioning a switch in Manage, this is NOT the recommended method. Instead, please use the radio-based commissioning for adding the switch via Configure.

If you plan to use the camera-based method, follow the procedure below. We recommend adding the switch to the network before installing or wall-mounting it. Scan the QR code on the back panel to get the MAC ID and Security key before installing or mounting the switch. 

MAC ID and Security Key

The QR Code and MAC ID are unique to each switch. They are printed on a label on the back panel of the switch. Scan the QR Code with any QR code reader, such as a Smart Phone QR code reader.  


The 12 characters following the first three characters, a mixture of numbers and letters, will be the MAC ID. The alphanumeric string after the letter Z is the security key.


Adding a Switch 

The switch is usually mounted on the wall. However, before mounting the switch, scan the QR code on the back panel and keep the MAC ID and security key ready for adding the switch.

  1. Select a Floor from the Facilities left panel.
  2. Click on the Devices > Switch > EnOcean tab to view the list of existing switches.
  3. Click the Add button to add a new switch.


The Commission and Place screen is displayed.

  1. Type or copy the 12-digit MAC address in the input field; the MAC address is automatically formatted as the user inputs it. For example, as you enter the MAC address, 2C150150C9E3, it is formatted to 2C:15:01:50:C9:E3. If the MAC address is invalid, the message, Please provide a valid MAC address is displayed.
  2. Copy and paste or type the alphanumeric security key after the letter Z. In the example explained above, the security key is 49DFC2B6A20E0A1367A666A7F4389C8D.
  3. Please select the appropriate Button Type, whether a 2-Type Button or a 4-Type Button.


  1. Place the cursor on the floor map where the switch should be placed and right-click the mouse button. The Commission and Place menu appears next to the cursor.
  2. Click on Commission and Place. The switch appears immediately on the floor map in the desired location after commissioning is complete. In addition, EnOcean Commissioned successfully is displayed. You can select the icon and move it to precisely adjust the location if required.  

    Refer to the Device Icons for a visual description of the floor map device icons and their statuses.

Deleting a Switch

If, for any reason, you decide to delete a Switch,

  1. Select a Floor from the Facilities left panel.
  2. Click on Devices > Switch > EnOcean.
  3. Select the switch to be deleted and click the Delete button. This removes the switch if it does not belong to any switch group. If the switch is part of a switch group, select Groups, sub-tab Switch, make changes in the Edit Switch Group to remove the Enocean switch from the group, and try to delete the switch again.


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After the switch is added, associate it with a virtual switch to control a group of fixtures. 

For installing the switch, refer to the corresponding Install Guide:


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