Gateway (GW-2-01) Network and Power Requirements


The Enlighted Gateway relays energy, environmental, and occupancy data captured by the Enlighted sensors to Manage for analysis and reporting. One or more Gateways may be deployed on each floor to relay information between the sensors and Enlighted Manage. The Gateway device mounts to the ceiling at the same height as an individual sensor device. CAT5e cable is run from the Enlighted Gateway to the Enlighted PoE switch. 

Power Requirements

The Enlighted Gateway (GW-2-01) requires 802.3at PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) and needs a constant 3.8W power budget. For technical specifications, refer to the Gateway Spec Sheet.

Cabling Requirements

The Gateway requires a CAT 5e or CAT6 ethernet cable that is not included. The maximum CAT5e or CAT6 cable distance between the Gateway and PoE switch or PoE switch to PoE switch is 300'.  Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the Gateway and the other to an 802.3at (PoE+ Type 1 or greater) compliant network switch. Please ensure that the switch you provided can support a total load of products or any number of Gateways connected to the ports. For more information, refer to the Gateway Installation Guide.


Networking Basics

The Enlighted devices require internet connectivity to send data to Enlighted applications such as Where and Amaze. 

For Gateways on  Firmware 2.8.x or earlier, the Gateway does not have auto-negotiation and will require the switch to be set to 10 Mbps Full-Duplex to operate properly. For Gateways on Firmware 3.2.2 and later, the Gateway supports auto-negotiation. Refer to the article Upgrading Gateway Firmware

Network Configuration Options

Both DHCP and Static IP configurations are supported. Refer to the Assigning Network IP Addresses (On-premise Manage).

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