Fixture Health Report

This article applies to Manage v4.6 and above.

The Fixture Health Monitoring informs users of the overall health status of the lighting system. In addition, the report provides a list of connectivity issues, such as loss of connectivity with the drivers or with the Control Unit (CU), and determines most LED outages. Connectivity to a driver or CU is determined by monitoring communication between the sensor and the driver/CU. A connectivity error is reported to Manage if a certain number of consecutive communication errors occur.

The Fixture Health Report feature is supported by Sensor Firmware v5.14.

The Fixture Health Report shows the following results for the sensors:

  • LED outage - The status of the LED outage is based on the sensor's last connectivity with either a driver or Control Unit. Learn about Enlighted supported IoT Drivers and Power Controllers.
  • DALI communication status - Enlighted supports fixtures with DALI drivers. The failure status is based on the sensor connectivity with the DALI driver.
  • Wiring test status for the sensors - The failure status of the wiring tests. Refer to Gen 5 Sensor Wiring Test Results 

To obtain the report:

  1. Toggle to the new UI.
  2. Click on the Reports Fixture Health Report in the left pane.
  3. Select the required Health Issues filter in the right pane. The results are displayed in the Fixture Health Report table for all sensors in the facilities. Users can also search by choosing an option from the dropdown list on any of the columns in the table or typing a search term in the search field.



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