Rebrand Communications Toolkit

The Comfy app gets a new name!

Starting February 23, 2023, the name of our Comfy app solution will change to Enlighted Connect. 


Thank you for being a part of your organizations communication team for the rebranding of the Comfy app. Your role as Ambassador is critical to executing a successful transition, and we appreciate your efforts. So, to make your job as simple as possible, we've created a Rebrand Communications Toolkit to provide everything you need to communicate the changes.

This Rebrand Communications Toolkit provides content you can use to explain the name changes to your employees, helping to avoid confusion when they see the new name and logo on the app and a different app icon.

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What's in your toolkit

  • Email templates with digital email header, and chat text
  • Digital assets to print posters and desk cards with QR codes to download the app
  • Instructions on how and when to use assets
  • 24/7 access to the online Enlighted Connect Help Center with how-to articles and FAQs
  • Support for any questions!

How to use your toolkit

Your toolkit is designed to help you send a combination of email communications and social/chat messages before the rebrand and on February 23. Here’s what we recommend.

Prepare your communications and printed assets

  1. Download the Rebrand Communications Toolkit and customize the text as needed.
  2. Download the Enlighted Connect email header image to help your email stand out.
  3. Download the rebranded Enlighted Connect digital assets for the poster and desk card, which include QR codes to download the app. 
    • Poster – Display at your building entrances and main walkways to remind employees to download the app. See links to assets below.
    • Desk card – Place in rooms and on desks that require booking before use. Be sure to use the files for your region. See links to assets below.
  4. Send email communications. See the Rebrand Communications Toolkit for text and steps.
    • Send Teaser email and chat text, display printed posters at building entrances and main passageways.
    • Send Enlighted Connect Day email and place desk cards in rooms and on desks that require booking.

Digital Assets

Enlighted Connect logos

Rebrand Communications Toolkit text

Email header image


Desk card



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