Add or edit Whitelist User Groups

Privileged admin users can add users to Whitelist User Groups. However, users cannot be removed from groups that were created using an organization’s email suffix.

  • To add and manage Whitelist Groups, Admin users must have Global Admin, Super Client Admin, or Client Admin to add and Whitelist User Groups.
  • Admin users can only access this feature if the User and Access Management > Advanced user group and space access management setting in Basic Console is ON.

Console admins with the appropriate permissions can add users to any Whitelist User Group. Admins can remove users from manually created User Groups, but not from groups that were created using an organization’s email suffix. 

  1. Go to Basic Console > Users
  2. Use Customer Filters to open a user list at either the portfolio or building level.
  3. Click Update.
  4. In the list of users, use the Filter or Search to narrow the results.
  5. Click the checkbox beside the name of each user to be edited.
  6. In the Edit Users panel, select the User Group to add the selected users to.
  7. Click Save Changes to apply the changes to all selected users.



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