Configure Whitelist User Groups

Privileged admin users can use the Advanced Console to update which groups of users are assigned to Access Groups. Admin users also can manage Whitelist User Groups by adding or removing users individually.

  • To add and manage Whitelist Groups, Admin users must have Global Admin, Super Client Admin, or Client Admin to add and Whitelist User Groups.
  • Admin users can only access this feature if the User and Access Management > Advanced user group and space access management setting in Basic Console is ON.

On this page:

Assign Whitelist User Groups to a Building Access Group

Admin users can change which Whitelist User Groups are included in as part of the Access Group for the building.

  1. Go to Advanced Console > Access (key icon) > Select Building > Update.
  2. Each Access Group that is currently configured for the chosen building will appear on the page.
    • Selecting Show Enabled User Groups, will display only the User Groups linked with that Access Group.
    • A blue checkmark appears next to groups that are assigned to this Access Group.
  3. To change which User Group whitelists are included as part of the Access Group, select or deselect the checkboxes beside the desired whitelists.
  4. Click the Save Spaces button at the bottom of the page to add the selected whitelist to the Access Group.

Edit Whitelist User Groups

  1. Go to Basic Console, Access (key icon) > select Portfolio > update
  2. On the User Group list, click the name of a User Group.
  3. Click the Edit user group
  4. Update the Name of User Group, and select an Organization from the dropdown list.
  5. Click Save User Group.


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