Comfy Whitelist User Groups

Whitelist User Groups are a set of users that have been added manually, one group at a time or in bulk using CSV uploads.

Whitelist User Groups are not expected to be attached to any data access object. They are often used to give a small group of users access to a feature or location by adding the whitelist to the appropriate Access Group.

Both the Basic and Advanced consoles are used to create user groups and then whitelist them.

Best practice

Whitelist User Group names should be informative and unique, and should not share the same name with the Domain User Group.


Configuring Whitelist User Groups requires first creating user groups in the Basic Console, then whitelisting them using the Advanced Console.


  • To add and manage Whitelist Groups, Admin users must have Global Admin, Super Client Admin, or Client Admin to add and Whitelist User Groups.
  • Admin users can only access this feature if the User and Access Management > Advanced user group and space access management setting in Basic Console is ON.


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