How to sign in to Enlighted Connect Consoles

Users granted an administrator role can sign in to the Basic Console and the Advanced Console to manage portfolios, buildings, floors, and users.

  • All consoles use the same login page and credentials as the Enlighted Connect app; however, consoles must be accessed through a desktop browser.
  • Once logged in, session information is synced to work across both consoles and the app. Console admins can click the Switch Apps button to easily navigate between the two console applications. Admin users with access to Insights also can access the application via the Switch Apps button.
  • If the session is active, you will not need to log in again. Conversely, when you log out from one interface, you will be logged out from all.
  • Users granted administrator access can sign in to a console to manage buildings or a portfolio. Customer admin access will need to have been granted by an administrator or Enlighted Connect point of contact.

Console functionality

Console Functionality
  • Homepage cards – create portfolio- and building-level cards, create alert cards, save card templates, update card content, set display sequence of cards
  • User management – user roles, user groups, access groups
  • Building config – update building info, building image, corporate logo, working days (Advanced console recommended for these functions)
  • Building config – manage air/light locations; update building info, building image, corporate logo
  • Building Access Group whitelists – administration
  • Floor config – Add amenity; edit amenities, rooms, desks; using Neighborhoods: best practices, create and edit; turn of floor temporarily


Logging in to Enlighted Connect and switching interfaces

To log in to a console, you must first log in to Enlighted Connect.

  1. Open a desktop browser, and go to the URL instructed by your Enlighted Connect point of contact:

    mceclip0.pngApp users using the URL will be redirected.

  2. Sign in with your work email, making sure to use the same email address the administrator granted access to.
    • First-time users should follow all login prompts for their organization.
  3. Click the Switch Apps button and select Basic Console or Advanced Console.
    • For admin users granted permissions to consoles, the Switch App button appears on each of the Enlighted Connect interfaces: the app, Basic Console, Advanced Console, and Insights (when granted access).

Going directly to Basic Console

If you want to bypass the Comfy app and Advanced Console, you can sign it directly in a browser.

mceclip0.pngApp users using the URL will be redirected.



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